Near and Far

The Long Island Academy of Fine Art presents landscape paintings by faculty members Robert Armetta, Steve Forster, Dave Peikon, and Lauren Rosenblum. The landscape takes on a different form in each artist’s studio, from conté to quilted batik.

Beauty Revisited

The thinking behind ‘Beauty Revisited’ was to ask some of today’s leading figurative artists for a fresh look at age-old, long-cherished ideas about what is beautiful. The artists, all of whom have studied, taught, or spent months and in some cases years painting abroad—in Rome and Florence; Bialystok, Poland; Paris and the South of France, and Göteborg, Sweden, among other places—as well as here in the U.S, include Juliette Aristides, Robert Armetta, Stephen Bauman, Colleen Barry, Dennis Cheaney, Dave Peikon, Catherine Prescott, Carlo Russo, and Dan Thompson. What unites the group is a love for the traditional artistic methods and practices each has sought out in their travels and training; all are realists working within 16th and 17th-century Spanish and Italian and 19th-century French traditions. Yet their paintings and drawings show a wide range of influences, and each of these nine artists has a distinctive personal aesthetic, evident in the subject matter, color, and mood of their work, that is unmistakable. This brings a dynamic variety and contemporary sensibility to the grouping as a whole.

Objects and Interiors

“Objects and Interiors” underscores the effect that ordinary objects and the spaces we live in have upon our daily lives. Artists include Dina Brodsky, Dennis Cheaney, Cornelia Hernes, David Jamieson, John Francis Murray, Nicholas M. Raynolds, Carlo Russo, and Peter Van Dyck.

Catherine Prescott: “Interior / Exterior”

Prescott’s paintings are chapters in a continuing spiritual autobiography; pared down and without explicit narrative details, her paintings always feel lived-in and encapsulate realistic observation with emotional insight.

Perspectives: The Landscapes of David Peikon

Working in a direct painting method, Peikon’s landscapes seek to capture the serenity of being alone in nature. The show features both plein air studies and large studio paintings from local and European painting trips.

Fiction Non-Fiction

Fiction / Non-Fiction, curated by Steve Forster, highlights the distinction between reality and fabrication in narrative paintings. Each artist walks the fine line between reality and fantasy. Artists represented in the exhibition are Emily Davis Adams, Dina Brodsky, Maya Brodsky, Aleah Chapin, Samuel Evensen, Steve Forster, and Michael Meadors.